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Tekken 2
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Tekken 2

Tekken 2 is a fighting game, the second one installment within the tekken collection. it turned into released in arcades in august 1995, and later for the ps in 1996. the original arcade version of the game changed into released in tekken 5’s arcade records mode for the playstation 2, in 2007 for the ps three and ps transportable thru the ps network, and in 2009 for zeebo.

Tekken 2

There are ten playable characters in the sport’s arcade model and up to twenty-five combatants, together with eight new ones in the console model. the home version also added new, now-staple sport modes to the series. tekken 2 changed into a critical in addition to industrial fulfillment. it became observed through tekken three in march 1997.


The gameplay in tekken 2 is much like its predecessor with some additions. it continues to apply 2d backgrounds in its ranges, an countless gambling area, and a fighting system that utilizes 4 buttons: left punch, right punch, left kick, and right kick. awesome additions protected attack reversals for a few characters, again throws, chain-throws, and a avoid precise to two characters, kazuya mishima and heihachi mishima. however, yoshimitsu has a spinning dodge flow that lowers his health. tackles were also modified to inflict harm when strolling from a greater distance. whenever the game is beaten with one of the default to be had characters in arcade mode, the associated sub-boss man or woman becomes selectable.

Tekken 2

Tekken 2 also added numerous modes that could emerge as staples to the collection. these include survival mode, team warfare mode, and time attack mode. survival mode takes the player via an countless number of matches to peer what number of opponent they can defeat with out being defeated themselves. in addition, any fitness lost at some point of a fit will convey over to the next match, but the player would regain a bit bit more fitness. team battle mode is a two-participant mode which up to 8 characters may be decided on by each participant. like survival mode, any fitness lost for the duration of a match will deliver over to the following match, but the participant will regain a small quantity. time attack mode is much like arcade mode, besides it’s miles played to peer how fast the participant can undergo it and beat records.


The game functions 16 characters from the preceding game: anna williams, armor king i, ganryu, heihachi mishima, kazuya mishima, king i, kuma i, kunimitsu, lee chaolan, marshall law, michelle chang, nina williams, paul phoenix, prototype jack, wang jinrei, and yoshimitsu at the same time as getting rid of jack. characters formerly appearing as sub-bosses (inclusive of anna being nina’s sub-boss as an instance) are made into playable characters and given greater wonderful move units, despite the fact that they still share many movements with the originals. devil kazuya, initially an advantage palette switch of kazuya reserved for the house console model of the first sport, is likewise made as a complete playable character and serves as this recreation’s very last boss.

Similarly to the returning fighters, the sport additionally introduces 8 new characters: baek doo san, a tae kwon do practitioner who participates in the match to undertaking marshall regulation, bruce irvin, a muay thai kickboxer who suffers from amnesia and is now serving as one in every of kazuya’s private bodyguards, lei wulong, a hong kong cop working towards 5 animals kung-fu who is despatched to arrest kazuya, jack-2, an up to date jack model who replaces the previous jack and is sent to conflict p. jack, jun kazama, a blended martial artist and animal rights activist also despatched to arrest kazuya, roger and alex, a duo of genetically-altered boxing kangaroo and dinosaur respectively and function palette swaps of each different, and angel, a mysterious entity related to kazuya who serves as devil’s palette switch and is also his very last boss.


Two years after the events of the king of iron fist tournament, the mishima zaibatsu, beneath the management of kazuya mishima, has become greater corrupt and effective than ever before, and is worried in many illegal operations. whilst his father heihachi mishima was as a substitute ruthless in his endeavors, kazuya acts absolutely without a conscience. he hires assassins to do away with any of his critics and rivals, attempts to extort cash from several agencies and groups, and smuggles endangered species to behavior genetic experiments on them. the motive for his evil deeds is due to the fact he has allowed the devil gene within him to devour him because of his hatred toward heihachi.

In the meantime, kazuya is sentenced to being arrested by using animal rights activist and operative jun kazama for his experiments. heihachi alternatively, whom kazuya had defeated and thrown off a cliff two years in the past, has climbed returned up and is schooling himself, plotting to overthrow kazuya. in an try to rid himself of heihachi and his enemies as soon as and for all, kazuya broadcasts the king of iron fist match 2, with a big coins prize of 1 trillion greenbacks, knowing that heihachi will seem.

Tekken 2

When jun eventually comes face to face with kazuya, she attempts to arrest him, but instead the both of them cannot assist being interested in each other, propelled via a mystic pressure beyond jun’s manipulate. she later gets pregnant with kazuya’s toddler, resulting in her leaving the entirety in the back of to raise their infant. meanwhile, heihachi arrives at the tournament, triumphing towards the opposing fighters and in the end attaining kazuya.

In the final spherical, heihachi confronts kazuya and that they conflict once again. the satan gene takes over kazuya’s body, resulting in kazuya turning into a satan creature. but, notwithstanding this, kazuya is not robust sufficient to overpower heihachi because of the internal battle inside him, between his evil side – represented by way of devil within him – and his proper side – represented by means of an unknown entity called angel, which was brought forth after his meeting with jun. heihachi takes kazuya’s unconscious body to a volcano, and throws him into it before escaping on a helicopter simply as the volcano erupts in the back of him, having taken his revenge and regained the mishima zaibatsu. in the interim, jun gives start to kazuya’s illegitimate son.

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