Resident Evil

Resident Evil (2002 video game)

Resident Evil (2002 video game)
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Resident Evil (2002 video game)

Resident Evil (2002 video game) is a survival horror online game developed and posted by way of cap com. released for the game cube video game console in 2002, it’s far a remake of the 1996 play station sport resident evil, the first installment within the resident evil online game collection. the tale takes location in 1998 close to the fictitious Midwestern metropolis of raccoon city wherein a sequence of weird murders have taken vicinity. the participant takes at the role of both Chris red field or Jill valentine, s.t.a.r.s. dealers dispatched in by means of the town to analyze the murders.

Resident Evil (2002 video game)

Resident evil changed into evolved over the path of one year and two months as a part of an exclusivity deal between cap com and Nintendo. it changed into directed by means of shinji mikami, who additionally designed and directed the original resident evil. mikami decided to produce a remake due to the fact he felt that the unique had no longer aged properly enough and that the game cube’s abilities could convey it in the direction of his original imaginative and prescient. the sport retains the identical graphical presentation, with 3-D fashions superimposed over pre-rendered backgrounds. however, the great of the pics changed into hugely advanced. the remake additionally features new gameplay mechanics, revised puzzles, additional explorable regions, a revised script, and new tale details together with an entire subplot cut from the original sport.

Upon release, resident evil acquired critical acclaim from video game newshounds, who praised its pics and stepped forward game play over the authentic recreation. it’s miles frequently described as one of the nice, scariest, and most visually marvelous entries within the resident evil series. however, the game bought worse than expected, main cap com to trade the path of the series to a extra action-oriented technique. in 2008, the sport changed into ported to the wii, offering a brand new manage system. in 2015, a high-definition model become launched for Microsoft home windows, play station three, ps four, Xbox 360, and Xbox one to vital and business fulfillment.


Resident evil is a survival horror game wherein the player controls the on-screen man or woman from a 3rd-character attitude to engage with the surroundings. to enhance, the player must explore a mansion and its surrounding areas whilst avoiding, outsmarting and defeating monsters such as zombies, undead dogs, and giant spiders.[1] the player can open doorways, push sure objects, climb boundaries, and pick up items. when an item is accumulated, it’s miles saved in an stock that the player can get right of entry to at any time. gadgets inside the inventory may be used, examined, and mixed to solve puzzles and gain get admission to to areas that have been previously inaccessible.[2] the inventory is limited to a certain quantity of slots, and the participant need to frequently flow items from the stock to garage containers placed in sure regions to manipulate area.

Resident Evil (2002 video game)

Despite the fact that the participant can use firearms to kill monsters, resident evil emphasizes evasion over fast-paced fight with the aid of presenting the participant with restrained ammunition. the player has a restricted quantity of health, which decreases whilst attacked via monsters. gamers can regain fitness via collecting and the use of herbs, which can be mixed with different herbs to growth their recovery impact.[2] a few monsters also can infect the participant with a poisoning impact, which steadily depletes the participant’s fitness through the years till the poison is cured with serum or unique herbs.[2] zombies which can be defeated however no longer decapitated or burned sooner or later revive and mutate into deadlier paperwork.[3]

The participant can manipulate both chris redfield or jill valentine, each with advantages and drawbacks.[4] as an example, chris can take and deal greater damage than jill, but jill can convey extra objects and release positive doors with a lock pick. both characters can equip protective guns that may shop them from taking harm while seized by means of an enemy. these protective guns encompass a dagger and a completely unique unique weapon: jill can use a taser, while chris can shove stun grenades into zombies’ mouths and detonate them with a pistol shot.[5] defensive weapons are restrained and might only be used while the participant is grabbed through a monster.[5]

The game features an automap to help players navigate the exclusive regions of the game. moreover, the participant can choose up maps of sure sections to show unexplored areas.[2] to keep their development, players need to find ink ribbons and use them with a typewriter; the game features a constrained supply of ink ribbons, so players cannot store their development as in many instances as they need.[2] the story is slightly altered with the aid of the character the participant chooses to play as,[4] and positive selections the participant makes in the game can impact the route of the game and its finishing.[6] upon finishing the game under a certain difficulty putting and time restriction, the player can also unencumber mystery costumes for the main characters, bonus guns, and unique problem modes.


On July 24, 1998, a sequence of weird murders occur at the outskirts of the Midwestern town of raccoon town. the raccoon metropolis police department’s special approaches and rescue provider (stars) are assigned to investigate. after touch with bravo team is lost, alpha group is dispatched to research their disappearance. alpha team locates bravo group’s crashed helicopter and land on the website online, wherein they’re attacked via a p.c. of monstrous puppies, killing one of the group. after alpha group’s helicopter pilot, brad vickers, panics and takes to the air on my own, the last individuals (Chris red field, Jill valentine, Albert wesker and Barry Burton) are seeking for shelter in an deserted mansion, where they break up up.

Resident Evil (2002 video game)

The player individual (Chris or Jill) unearths several contributors of bravo crew, including Kenneth j. Sullivan being eaten by means of a zombie; Richard Aiken, who’s either killed via a giant venomous snake or eaten by means of a shark; forest speyer, who is observed dead and revived as a zombie; and bravo group chief Enrico marini, who well-knownshows that considered one of alpha group’s participants is a traitor earlier than being killed by way of an unseen shooter. bravo group survivor rebecca chambers joins chris. the participant person learns that a chain of illegal experiments have been undertaken through a clandestine research crew underneath the authority of a biomedical organization umbrella corporation. the creatures roaming the mansion and its surrounding areas are the effects of these experiments, which have uncovered the mansion’s employees and animals to a fairly contagious and mutagenic biological agent called the t-virus.

The participant person discovers a secret underground laboratory containing umbrella’s experiments. there, they find jill or chris in a cell and come across wesker programming a tyrant, a humanoid supersoldier. wesker famous that he’s a double agent running for umbrella, and plans to use the tyrant to kill the celebrities members. within the resulting war of words, wesker is apparently killed and the participant character defeats the tyrant. after activating the lab’s self-destruct system, the participant man or woman reaches the heliport and contacts brad for extraction. the ending modifications depending on the player’s moves at key factors: inside the pleasant ending, the surviving group individuals escape by using helicopter after defeating the tyrant again; inside the worst finishing, the mansion remains intact and the participant character is the sole survivor.

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